General Information

League Play
Leagues are formed by gender and grade level. If there are not enough players in a specific grade, it may require us to combine more than one grade into one league. Following is the outline of leagues:

Pre-K Boys
K Boys
Pre-K and K Girls
1st Grade Boys; 1st Grade Girls
2nd Grade Boys; 2nd Grade Girls
3rd Grade Boys; 3rd Grade Girls
4th Grade Boys; 4th Grade Girls
5th Grade Boys; 5th Grade Girls
6th-8th Grade Girls
6th, 7th-8th, 9th-10th, 11th-12th Grade Boys


  • 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays

  • PK and K leagues: 60 mins, including 20-min pre-game practice

  • Elementary grades: 90 mins, including 35-min pre-game practice

  • Middle school and high school leagues: 60 mins, including 5-min pre-game warm-up

  • Note: 2nd grade teams and above have optional mid-week practices during the season

Basketball Jerseys
All team jerseys will be handed out at the first game in January.

One set of wristbands for Pre-K through 2nd Grade League teams will also be with the jerseys.


Team photograph dates are in January at Tallowood. You will receive more information on your assigned date from your coach. Team photos will be delivered to the Head Coach before the end of the season.

K-2nd Grade Developmental League
Kingdom Basketball wants the youngest children to have fun while they learn basketball. Our teaching goals by league are as follows:

Pre-K/K-All teaching (no loss of ball unless "repeated" teaching attempts fail)

  • dribbling, passing, throwing the ball

  • shooting

  • playing defense (covering the opposing player with the same color wrist band)

  • No stealing of ball in Pre-K and K

1st Grade-Teaching and Loss of Ball (First 2 weeks are teaching only)

  • double dribbling

  • running with ball

  • fouling the opposing player

2nd Grade-Teaching and Loss of Ball (First 2 weeks are teaching only)

  • "rules" based officiating

  • no zone defense

  • no "picks"

Ball Sizes                               Goal Heights (Feet)
Pre-K/K - 27.5                               6 ft.
1st - 27.5                                      7 ft. (Girls); 8 ft. (Boys)
2nd - 28.5                                     8 ft.
3rd - 28.5                                      8 ft.
4th - 28.5                                    10 ft.
5th - 28.5                                    10 ft.
6th-12th Boys - 29.5                    10 ft.
6th-8th Girls - 28.5                      10 ft.


Kingdom Basketball doesn't create character, it reveals it.

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