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2024 Team Practice

This information applies to Tallowood teams only. Practice facilities are limited. We encourage all coaches to investigate alternatives for team practice.

If Tallowood Practice Slots are full, please check the Pines Practice slots.
Goals are 10', but you can still run drills and practice other aspects of the game,
not just shooting baskets.


Due to SPACE availability and to minimize practice disruptions. ONLY coaches, players and gym monitors will be allowed in the gym during practices. Parents, guardians and siblings will not be allowed into the gym.

All practices for 5th-12th Grade Boys & 5th-8th Grade Girls will be held at Pines Presbyterian Church. The gym will be split in half, enabling 2 teams to practice per hour.

All practices for Pre-K-4th Grade Boys and Pre-K-4th Grade Girls will be held at Tallowood Baptist Church. The gym will be split in half, enabling 2 teams to practice per hour.  


IN-SEASON PRACTICE ONLY: Pre-K-1st Grade teams will practice 30 minutes before each game. Only 2nd-4th grade teams will be allowed to signup for In-Season practice slots.


NEW THIS SEASON - Pre-Season and In-Season Practice Slots have been combined this year to one sign up list per gym. REMINDER to Pre-K-1st Grade Coaches - you only need to sign up for Pre-Season practice slots which are PRIOR TO JANUARY  6th. (Any practice slot reservations after January 6th will be cancelled.)


  • Each Tallowood coach is allowed to signup for 4 practices (2 Pre-Season, 2 In-Season). Once all teams have signed up for 4 practices, coaches will be allowed to sign up for 2 more practices (Pre-Season and In-Season), until all spaces are reserved.

  •  Multiple team coaches WILL be allowed to sign up 48 hours prior to sign ups for single team coaches.

  • Pre-K-1st Grade Coaches - you will sign up for 2 Pre-Season practice slots only. In-Season Practice for your teams will be on game days, 30 minutes prior to game.  You will be notified also if additional slots for Pre-Season are available.

  • When signing up, please list your last name and team's league (Ex: Smith-8th grade boys).  
    Signup system will only save complete name sign-up as shown in the example.

  • The signup system will notify you of your practice day and time 2 days prior to the actual date. You may cancel practices you sign up for, however, there is no guarantee slots will be available for rescheduling.

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Finnell via email,

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