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Late Registration

Late registration will open December 4, 2023,

if space is available.

LATE REGISTRATION FEE: $243 ($193 + $50 for late registration)



1.   You must first find a Head Coach that will agree to add your child to that team.

  • To find a Head Coach, go to "Team Rosters

  • Search for the current grade level of your child

  • Search the team rosters and choose a Preferred Team

  • Note: Teams indicated as “FULL” are not an option

2.   Contact the Head Coach of your Preferred Team and ask for permission to add your child to
      the roster.

3.   Upon agreement, ask the Head Coach to send you an email confirming approval. (The email
      must include: name of child, name of coach, league and team number)

4.   Forward the approval email to Kimberly Smith. Kimberly will then provide you with a link that will allow
     you to register online.



Tallowood Kingdom Basketball Registrar: Kimberly Smith,

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