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Late Registration Information

LATE REGISTRATION - Opens December 5, 2022
(if space is available)

LATE REGISTRATION FEE: $239 ($189 + $50 for late registration)



1.   You must first find a Head Coach that will agree to add your child to his/her team.

  • To find a Head Coach, go to "Team Rosters

  • Search for the current grade level of your child

  • Search the team rosters and choose a Preferred Team

  • Note: Teams indicated as “FULL” are not an option

2.   Contact the Head Coach of your Preferred Team and ask for permission to add your child to
      his/her team.

3.   Upon agreement, ask the Head Coach to send you an email stating his/her approval. (The email
      must include: name of child, name of coach, league and team number)

4.   Forward the approval email to Kimberly Smith. Kimberly will then provide you with a link that will allow
     you to register online.



Tallowood Kingdom Basketball Registrar: Kimberly Smith,

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