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How TKB Teams
Are Formed

TKB's objective is to form teams such that players play with their friends.

The objective of the Tallowood Kingdom Basketball program is to form teams such that players play with their friends. For that reason, teams are formed based on information provided for each player during the registration process.

Parent and player input includes both head coach and teammate preferences. (Head coach approval should be confirmed before registering.) School and church affiliation are also considered.

There are no tryouts.

Team formation coordinators  will form the teams with input from parents, players, and coaches. Every effort will be made to assign each player to a team that represents the best fit for that particular player.

All players should spend more time on the court than on the bench. Accordingly, team size guidelines are as follows:

Boys Leagues

Pre-K through 1st grade:  9-10

Grades 2nd through 5th:  8-9

Grades 6th through 12th:  9-10


Girls Leagues

All grades:  9-10

Team Formation Contact Information

Leigh Ann Palermo, Team Formation (Pre-K - 1st Grade Boys)

Amy Keeler, KBB Team Formation (2nd - 8th Grade Boys)

Lisa Johns,  Team Formation (2nd-8th Grade Girls & 9th-12th Grade Boys)

Alex Fisher, Team Formation (Pre-K-1st Grade Girls)

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