June and July Summer Camp Morning Sessions - THE ESSENTIALS

Consists of - Shooting, Passing, Offensive Cuts; Defense and Rebounding and Competition Game Day (Friday).  Kids of ALL Skill Levels will work the fundamental core skills needed to understand and play solid basketball.  Players daily practice  ball-handling, dribbling and strategic drills that correlate to the "theme of the day." After Bible Devotional break (mid-way through the morning), players will play full-court games (daily).  Camper of the Day Awards are issued for the player(s) that stand out to their coaches, showing superior sportsmanship, attitude or skill.  Wednesday is CRAZY Sock or CRAZY Hair day, to bring lots of energy to Wednesday Defense Day! And, Friday is GAME DAY where kids play full court games to demonstrate all they have learned during their 5 days at camp.


JUNE Summer Camp Afternoon Sessions - SHOOTING CAMP   

Afternoon SHOOTING CAMP focuses on precision SHOT technique instruction, followed by a minimum of 200+ shots per day (1,000 shots over 5-day camp).  Players will work on footwork, positioning, reading the defense and timing on Jump Shots; Lay-ups; Jump stops, Square ups; Reverse Drop Steps.  Players will learn guard moves such as: “The Euro,” the “Floater,” “The Up and Under” AKA ‘Step-Through.’  Players work daily to  learn the techniques first without defense; to later be challenged by competitive drills and game situations where they are defended.  Players will also be taught “the ‘shooter’s mentality,’” which instills confidence in the “Yes” or correct shot.  By the end of the week, players will be more confident in their shot selection, and ability to make high-level shots (short and long-range) simply by learning and executing the necessary amount of repetitions to master shooting, which is one of the most important facets of the game.

JULY Summer Camp Afternoon Sessions - Counter-Attack / Decision-Making

Afternoon COUNTER-ATTACK/ DECISION-MAKING Camp focuses on teaching the acclaimed “attack/counter/attack” mindset, AKA learning how to read the defense and proceed strategically.  The late Great Pete Newell, Men’s US Olympic Team Coach, taught this curriculum to Coach Heidi 35 years ago; and its principles still endure.  A “Counter-Attack” is a quick decision move that will help increase the probability of a scoring play. “Decision-making” is the invaluable skill that consists of proper reaction and the ability to read the situation. When honing this skill, the less options you give to the player, the faster they should be able to make a decision.  Players will learn from the professional coaches how to “think the game,” and make strategic offensive attacks. At the end of this week, players of all positions (point guard, shooting guard or post player) will have more confidence in performing under pressure and in real game experiences; and will have learned a comprehensive curricula on the “first step” and counter moves being their biggest secrets to scoring and helping their team win.