Frequently Asked Questions

Kingdom Basketball Program

1. What is the fee?
    The fee per player for the 2022 season is $165.

2. What is the mission?

To provide an opportunity for children to have fun and learn basketball in a nurturing setting while playing with friends from their school, church or neighborhood; to foster a positive self-image and sportsmanship character as a person and a player.

3. Why should parents want their child to play Kingdom Basketball?

Their children will have fun, learn basketball, and nurture character and a better self-image as a person and player. A parent benefits by:

  • having practice immediately prior to games on Saturday

  • making every effort to assign players to a team where they know someone else in their community, school or church. Priority is given to those friends named on their application; otherwise, the school or church names on their registration form are used as a basis for creating a team

  • having no primary focus on winning; no win/loss records are maintained as teams are not formed by drafting players based on "try-outs" to assess their skills and creating teams         
    of "like" skills

  • having a primary focus on a child doing their best in an environment of competition where fun and learning basketball are balanced priorities

Coaching - Head or Assistant
1. When are head and assistant coaches assigned?
Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are assigned throughout the registration process based on their willingness to coach (as indicated on registration form) and upon receipt of all required forms and completed background checks. Coaches may also need to be recruited late in the registration process when players out number them.

2. Who is eligible?
The parent of a registered player or a Kingdom Basketball Program designated adult who has:

  • cleared a background check

  • signed a Head Coach Code of Ethics contract

3. What is a background check?
An authorized check of public records to ascertain that you have had no relevant record.

4. What is a Coach Code of Ethics contract?
A signed statement of coaching behavior which both head coaches and assistant coaches
must adhere to.

5. How does someone become a coach - head or assistant?
By writing in your name and information on your child's application. Other families wishing you to coach must also write in your name when completing their child's application. Our highest priority is aligning coaches with a team whose children and families want to be coached by them and therefore "name" them on their child's registration form.

6. What must you know about basketball?
Tallowood Baptist Church's priority, for any grade, is that the coach needs to be someone who wants the children to have a good time and be treated fairly. In terms of basketball knowledge, it depends on the grade level you want to coach. The older the grade, the more the coach should know. Starting at K or 1st grade, you have to know only the very basics of the game. As each grade progresses, the coach should have more knowledge to ensure that basketball learning increases with age.

7. Does a coach or assistant coach have to authorize Tallowood to perform a background check before they can coach?
Yes, but it is only mandatory for head coaches to have a background check.  It is not required for assistant coaches. It is Tallowood Baptist Church's policy that all adults working with any child 18 years old or younger must clear a background check. This process is completed and on-going at Tallowood for every adult in any capacity working at Tallowood with those ages to best ensure the safety of the children.

8. When will a coaching applicant be notified that that they have cleared a background check?
They will not be notified unless there is a question or concern, in which case they will be notified privately within a week of submitting their background check authorization.

9. How can a head coach or assistant learn more about basketball?
We provide a New Coaches Clinic in December.


1. How many season games are played?

There are 7 games played.


2. When are games played?

Games are played on Saturdays for seven consecutive weeks starting the first Saturday in January after school begins.


3. Where are games played?

At any of the Kingdom Basketball gyms listed on the Game Location page. Teams will play at the same gym for the entire season.


4. What goal heights are used?

See General Information


5. What size basketballs are used?

See General Information


6. What grade leagues have each player shoot a free throw at the end of each half (teams get equal number of shots)?

To ensure that all players get a chance to shoot each half, players shoot in all leagues, K through 5th. Note that if one team has more players than another, the team with fewer players gets an equal number of shots by selecting a player(s) who missed their shot to take the extra shot(s).


7. What defenses can leagues play - man-to-man or zone?

Man to man through 3rd grade and it varies starting in the 4th and 5th  grade.


8. When does regulation playing & refereeing begin?

4th grade. Prior to that age, referees consult with coaches on how 'strict' to be, depending on league, team capability and season experience. Coaches can ask referees to vary this by half or by game during the season. Kingdom Basketball wants to nurture player and personal confidence in all aspects of the game - shooting, dribbling, passing, guarding, etc.


9. What happens if a team cannot show up for a game?

The Head Coach of the team cancelling must contact both the Commissioner and the Head Coach of the opposing team if they are not showing up to play. Kingdom Basketball does not reschedule cancelled games. In order to play and not cancel, teams short on players can borrow players from another team in the same league.


1. When are practice times?
Practice time is afforded prior to games on Saturday for Pre-K through 5th Grade teams.

2. Where are practices held?
At the same game location for all games, unless there is a church conflict during a certain week.

3. Can a team practice at Tallowood during the week?
All Pre-K through 12th Grade leagues will be allocated mid-week practices during the pre-season. Once the season starts, only 2nd-12th grade leagues will be scheduled mid-week practices at Tallowood or other practice gyms.

4. Can a team practice anywhere during the week?
Pre-K- 1st grade practice outside of the organized KBB practice schedule and locations is not encouraged or recommended. 2nd - 12th grade practice may be at other locations, once a week, upon agreement of player's parents.

Team Organization
1. How are teams organized?
By grade based on who wants to play together; not by skill.

2. Can a group of friends join as a 'team'?
Yes. For each player wanting to play together, they should fill in their player application by writing the names of their desired teammates on their registration form. This desire is the highest priority for creating teams.Parents should check to make sure everyone is registering at the correct church since Memoral Presbyterian and Chapelwood churches have separate registration sites.

3. Can an older grade player join a team with younger grade players?
No, as it would create an unfair advantage.

4. Can a younger grade player join a team with older grade players?
Yes, but it is a decision by the coach when the child's parents do not think such will cause self-image, emotional or physical harm.

5. Can a team have more than 10 players?

Yes, a team can have more than 10 players. Head coaches ultimately decide the number of players on each team, based in part on expected player attendance patterns (which can vary by gender and grade level). Importantly, the head coach should also balance the interests of players and parents with regard to playing time and teammate preferences.


Tallowood Kingdom Basketball wants all players to spend more time on the court than on the bench. Accordingly, and based on experience, team size guidelines are as follows:


Boys Leagues

Pre-K to 1st Grade: 9-10

Grades 2nd to 5th: 8-9

Grades 6th to 12th: 9-10


Girls Leagues

All grades: 9-10

6. What is provided in the way of uniforms?
Only the jersey, which is navy/white reversible. It is common for the girls leagues to want to add a little color, and parents will often purchase bows, socks or shoelaces separately to accomplish this.



1. How much is the fee?
The fee per player for the 2022 season is $165.

2. When is the fee due?
The fee is due upon registration of the player. (Registration opens September 15th through November 15th)

3. Is there a discount for multiple children playing in a family?
No, unless there is a hardship. Our desire is for all children to be able to play, so

please email for approval if here is a need. Your request will be handled privately.

4. What does the fee pay for?
The fee pays for the players' jersey, memento, use of the gyms and game officials (referees and scorekeepers).

5. What is needed to get a player scholarship?
Call Brian Fisher at 832-306-6393 or email