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TKB Team Photography

Photography for Tallowood Kingdom Basketball is provided by Champ Child Photography.

The dates for team photography will be announced.

Location for photography is Tallowood Baptist Church.

All Photography scheduling is done online by TKB coaches.





A link for parents to order pictures will be provided by TKB coaches.

For Photography Sign-up:

  • A link will be provided to all coaches and also available on this page. 

  • Coaches will choose a date and time for their team.

  • Parents do not sign up for photos.

Once coaches have signed up their team for photography:

  • Coaches will also receive a link to pass to parents to order pictures.   

  • All ordering should be done prior to the shoot, or on the day of the photo shoot.  


What if a child cannot make it to the Team's Scheduled Time?

  • If a child can not make it to your scheduled time, but the parent still wants pictures, they can bring their child at any time during those two photo days.

  • If a parent pre-orders their pictures and their child becomes ill, or can not make the shoot for other reasons, we will refund their payment.

How will photos be delivered?

Coaches will pick up their team photos at Tallowood Baptist Church (gym office) on February 10th or 17th and distribute to parents.

A portion of all photo orders goes back to TKB, so we truly hope that your team will participate.

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