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TKB Game Schedules

This year, Game Schedules are listed by league. Each link includes the following information:

1. Individual team schedules for each league

2. Entire schedule for the specific league

3. Coaches contact information for league


Game Locations

Game locations vary by league. Most leagues will play all games at the same gym, but some will play at two different gyms. The FINAL list of leagues and gyms for the upcoming season will be incorporated into posted game schedules.

Cancelled Games

Coach Cancelled Games
Tallowood Kingdom Basketball does not reschedule cancelled games. The Head Coach of the team cancelling must contact both the Commissioner and the Head Coach of the opposing team they play if they are not showing up to play. In order to play and not cancel, teams short on players can borrow players from another team in the same league.

Inclement Weather or Facility Issues Cancelled Games
Cancellations due to inclement weather or issues with facilities will be announced via text messaging of mobile phone on record and the website.

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