Being a Kingdom Basketball Coach



Coaching Clinic Notes (from Coaches Meeting, December 14, 2019)

Game Schedules

  • Head coaches have the opportunity for input to game schedules prior to Sat, Dec 14 (end of day). Please note: Due to the effort involved and potential for miscommunication, there will be no changes to posted game schedules. Thus, any and all input from coaches must be submitted by Sat, Dec 14.

  • Coach input may include requests to play (or NOT to play) a specific team(s) within your league, or other schedule-related requests (e.g., Team 1 can't play after 4 PM on any Saturday). Such requests will be accommodated if possible.

  • Potential conflicts for multi-team head coaches will be resolved without the need for input from those coaches.

  • Input (including League and Team #) should be submitted to Terry Cline at

  • Game schedules should be posted by Sat, Dec 21.


Jerseys will be distributed to all teams on Sat, Jan 11, and will be available for pickup by 8 AM at the gym where each team plays its first game.





  • Required to have a family connection with a player or ministerial approval from home church.

  • Required to allow Tallowood Baptist Church to conduct a background check - mandatory for head coaches; not required for assistant coaches (go to FORMS for download and instructions on delivery). If the background check DOES NOT PASS, you will be notified.  All information on background checks and status are kept confidential.

  • Both Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches must fill out the Code of Ethics Form (go to FORMS for download and instructions on delivery).

Being A Head Coach- Forming A Team
For Head Coaches, please let families know that you are coaching and you want their child to play for you. Ask the families to record your name on the registration form in the blank for Preferred Coach, name, phone and email address. Be sure to recommend to the families to enter the names of other players who will be on your team. Please also be sure to send your families to the correct website to register as Chapelwood and Memorial Presbyterian have their own separate registration process.

Being An Assistant Coach

For Assistant Coaches, if you know who your Head Coach will be, ask him if he needs an Assistant Coach volunteer and, if so, indicate on your child's registration that you have volunteered to be an Assistant Coach. If you do not know who the Head Coach will be, or what team your child will be on, but you are willing to be an Assistant Coach, please check the box indicated when you register.

If you are later named Head Coach, you will be required to pass a background check. The submissions of each Head Coach or Assistant Coach will be checked to ensure compliance.

Head Coaches of High School Boys
You must have each player sign the Zero Tolerance Agreement in order for them to participate. See FORMS.


Debbie Arcy, Team Formation  (Girls) and Team Practice (Boys & Girls)

Julie Royer, Team Formation (Boys)


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