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Becoming a
TKB Coach

All coaches must register (using the same system as players)
for purposes of authorizing background checks, confirming
Code of Ethics agreement, and providing contact information.


Head Coaches are responsible for enlisting at least one Assistant Coach

for their team, and for ensuring that all their Assistant Coaches are registered.

Requirements (all coaches)


Head Coach Information


Parents desiring to be Head Coaches can volunteer when registering their child(ren). If a Head Coach position is available, you will be contacted thereafter to confirm your intent. Once confirmed, you should then register as a Head Coach.

A parent that serves as Head Coach of more than one team will only need to register ONCE as a Head Coach. Parents that serve as both Head Coach of one team and Assistant Coach of another will need to register first as a Head Coach, and then again as an Assistant Coach.

Head Coaches must complete their registration (including background check clearance) prior to being officially being named Head Coach and receiving a team roster.

Head Coaches are encouraged to enlist at least one non-spouse Assistant Coach to promote shared responsibilities and provide contingency against unforeseen absences.

As a potential or confirmed Head Coach, you may want to advise parents of desired players that you intend to coach and would welcome having their child play on your team. Ask them to record your name on their child's registration form as preferred coach, including your phone number and email address. Consider also suggesting they enter the names of other players that may be on your team as preferred teammates. Be sure to direct those parents to Tallowood's registration website, since Chapelwood and Memorial Drive Presbyterian have separate registration processes.

Assistant Coach Information

An Assistant Coach is any adult that helps coach the team during games or practices.

Parents desiring to be Assistant Coaches can volunteer when registering their child(ren). Parents can also volunteer directly with their child’s Head Coach.

Assistant Coaches must be given a team # by their Head Coach prior to registration.

A parent that serves as an Assistant Coach for multiple teams can register for those teams at the same time. However, a registered Assistant Coach that later becomes an Assistant Coach with another team will need to register again. Regardless of the number of team affiliations, only one authorization for a background check (if needed for the upcoming season) will be required for any coach.

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Code of Ethics Statement


As Coach, I agree to the following:


Upon request from the Tallowood Kingdom Basketball Executive Director, I will resign if I do not adhere to the following terms and conditions, which are intended to protect a player’s spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. I will support the Tallowood Kingdom Basketball Executive Director in the event that another coach is asked to resign for violation of this Code of Ethics. I will be respectful and set a good example of behavior and sportsmanship before, during, and after games, and at team practices.


  1. I will comply with the league rules.

  2. I will demonstrate Christian character and behavior to players, referees, coaches and all attendees. I will be a positive example to all players on the team in attitude, word and deed.

  3. I will find ways to collaborate with TKB administration in a professional manner when issues arise and work together to find the best solution.

  4. I will place the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of every player above winning.

  5. I will coach games for fun, fellowship and learning while nurturing team spirit, self-esteem and sportsmanship.

  6. I will coach my players to show sportsmanship when winning by a large margin over a less capable opponent.

  7. I will demonstrate sportsmanship by not running up the score and by deferring to the referee’s wishes and suggestions.

  8. I will strive to play every player one quarter per half and will not intentionally use any one player for the entire game.

  9. I will coach in a manner consistent with a safe and healthy atmosphere.

  10. I will address all players, coaches, referees, scorekeepers, parents, league officials and attendees in a respectful, positive and supportive manner.

  11. I will refrain from any negative, vocal outburst to players, referees, coaches or attendees.

  12. I will not make critical ‘missed call’ comments, nor ‘talk back’ to the referees.

  13. I will assist the referee and the Tallowood Kingdom Basketball Executive Director in counseling player parents if they are not exhibiting the required Christian behavior.

  14. I will leave the gym if and when requested by the referee.

  15. I will strive to be present for each of my team’s games, and if absent, I will notify the other coach(es).

  16. I will not coach while impaired by drugs or alcohol.

  17. I will not use illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products during games or team practices.

  18. I will contact my League Commissioner with any suggestions or complaints.


Code of Ethics
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